Leaf Blower Or Sweeper?


First of all let look at the differences between them location autolaveuse. Leaf blowers come as only gas or electricity powered.

In essence although they are both to accumulate up unwanted leaves they all go about it in a really different manner. The lawn sweepers, as the name implies, is a rotating brush which passes over the lawn and sweeps debris in to the collect bag. The leaf blower moves blows leaves and debris in to a manageable pile that you do anything with.


You may think – without notions required here, I’ll get a leaf sweeper – it takes a step out of the entire leaf collection process. With the blower I must walk all over my yard just to then have to pick up the leaves in the finish, whereas using the lawn sweeper I can walk over my lawn to it and it collects the leaves in a sack that I could then neatly empty to wherever I choose. To a certain extent you’d be right to believe that, but it really does depend upon the size and style of your yard. For cases, there’ll be a few lawns which are a very awkward shape that has plenty of nooks and crannies. It would be very tricky to get the lawn sweeper in to all of these and possibly the leaf blower could be a better option.

Many leaf blowers have a single purpose and that is to blow leaves, yard sweepers may have many uses and functions. Some lawn sweepers have a shredding facility; this is excellent if you would like to produce leaf mould or mulch for your garden. The shredding facility does have draw back though – you aren’t likely to have the ability to use your vacuum on another surface compared to grass. The shredder won’t last long picking up grit of this driveway.

In relation to which is best for you, you need to look at the shape of your yard, think about how much leaf fall you get and in the event that you regularly sweep other non-grass surfaces



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