Stop Living in Denial


This morning I was reading my success book, which I have actually nicknamed my Success Bible. It’s so rich with info on the best ways to develop your company, but a lot more so regarding your personal life inz residence ec.


The chapter today was about dealing with the fact, primarily confessing just what isn’t working and after that doing something about it. You need to quit being the proverbial ostrich with your head stuck in the sand, and also respect see just what’s “really going on.”

I bear in mind several years ago, I was shopping with a close friend and also looked in a store mirror as well as understood I wasn’t simply hefty, I was downright fat. I stated to my friend, “wow I have actually gotten fat.” She checked out me with a surprised appearance; she could not believe that I just now realized I was fat. Honestly, I recognized I was overweight, however I really did not recognize just exactly how obese I really was.

Did I do anything about it? No, I continuouslied live in denial as well as made justifications all the way. I went from just having an issue with sugar to establishing complete blown diabetic issues.

Weight isn’t really the only location in which I’ve resided in denial; once more, after it had already risen into a complete blown issue, I confessed to myself what does it cost? bank card financial debt we are in. If I do not consider the credit card statements, after that I do not need to admit what does it cost? we head out to consume. I inform myself it’s “only” a BOGO offer – $12.95 at one of our favored restaurants. We’ll consume water and get out of there for around $20.00 to $25.00, however it never ever takes place in this way. No, we get to the dining establishment as well as their “deal” had not been exactly what we desired whatsoever and we wind up going out after spending closer to $50.00.

Rejection as well as burying my head in the sand. If somebody was to ask me, ‘how’s that exercising for you’, I would hang my head in shame and say, “it’s not helping me in all”.

As I continued to review guide, it spoke about exactly what successful individuals do … They quit lying to themselves and thinking “everything will certainly work out in the long run” and also they begin doing something about it.

Isn’t really that exactly what we do when we established goals? We decide that adequate suffices – as well as we start to make some high quality modifications. Well currently is the moment; enough suffices! When we established substantial goals, as well as begin functioning to them, change will certainly happen.

It’s awful to get up one day as well as understand you are fat or even worse that it’s your own fault. You do not exercise, you live off fast food chains and also you consume as much sugar as you could perhaps find without having to make a food store run. You wake up as well as recognize your financial debt runs out control yet you still blame your spouse or that you don’t make adequate cash, because YOU REQUIRED that totally unneeded thing that you do not have to have. If you really did not have a charge card could you buy it? Could you conserve the cash up as opposed to investing 29% even more for the item due to the fact that it will take you Ten Years to pay it off?

Stop living in denial. Pull your go out of the sand and also start realizing that you have an issue as well as find a solution for it.


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