Earn From PLR Without Selling


A know a person who enjoys selling, can not write copy, does not have a listing, despises performing customer support and only needs to earn money.

And also make money he can! He has made a half dozen classes and created a minimum of $8,000 from every one, without ever selling one copy of some of his classes FBA Wizard pro.


To begin with, he looks around for somebody who will make a wonderful case study. It might be somebody selling through Amazon FBA, or even a prolific Kindle writer, or an internet marketer, etc..

He chooses to remain in the wide “make money online” area, but this could work in lots of niches.

When he finds somebody who makes a fantastic case study (IE: They earn a good deal of cash and are eager to tell him the way they do it) he sets up a scheduled appointment. Otherwise he will run a series of telephone interviews or Skype interviews before he receives all of the information he desires.

Sometimes I guess they are happy simply to tell their own story. In other instances I think he is offering them a permit to the product he is likely to make, at no cost. Which costs him nothing.

This person then puts together a class based around the case study demonstrating how anybody can replicate the results.

Obviously, he could also have hired someone to produce the true course, but he wants to do that himself.

After he has the course prepared to proceed, he does his search on the internet to find entrepreneurs that are selling courses at exactly the exact same niche. The personal contact is important here to obtaining a reply.

He gets these entrepreneurs on Skype and explains the path to them. He lets them view that the whole course in order that they know what type of quality it is in fact, and provides them a permit to market it.

You mind, he is not speaking to arbitrary prospective marketers from the Warrior Forum. He is speaking to individuals who have big, receptive lists and are proficient at selling large ticket classes.

He restricts the amount of licenses he’ll market to maintain the value.

And his selling cost?

If you believe this really is a lot, you have got to understand that a seasoned marketer may sell $10,000 – $25,000 value of a class without a lot of trouble. It is about as near a money machine because you can get, and so of course these knowledgeable entrepreneurs leap at the opportunity.

And even if they don’t, it isn’t important since he simply calls the following one on his record.

In addition, he tells them they could renew their permit in 12 weeks, which generates yet more gain for him.

He has expenses for graphics and copywriting, obviously, but these are around $3,000, leaving him with $22,000 gain.

Even if he’s paying his topic for the rights to utilize the material, he is still banking an important part of the cash, all without selling one course himself.

And if you are wondering just how long it takes him to sell 25 permits, after he gets his record of prospects he lays Skype appointments and then gets active. Typically 3 days is everything he wants to market all 25.

Naturally, a lot of these marketers who buy a permit to one of the merchandise need first dibs on his following item. Thus whenever he creates a brand new item, he has a growing number of entrepreneurs that jump at the opportunity to receive a license.

This is genuinely a win-win. He does not need to manage selling classes, customer support and all of the other things he does not enjoy. His customers – the entrepreneurs – like a fantastic gain with practically no work. And he makes fiscal.

Oh yeah, he does so once per month. Ironically, he can do it two or 3 times per month, but he is kind of idle and states one a month is a lot.



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